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the color chinese

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the color chinese

Postby jamesmatheson » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:49 am

People are too ashamed in many instances like nudity which is a very respected art
I hope we can write other countries and make a color called " chinese" just like there are white
and black and brown people there is a color that should be called chinese because it would make money
We are doing art to make money that is the point, if you aren't doing it to make money then , unfortunately,
by most peoples standards you are not included in the art community, that doesn't mean you are not an artist
but it means your art will not be as seen as a persons art who does make money
Just like the color chinese or japanese or vietnamese or any groups whose color is not included
I only include this to make money , because if there was a color called Chinese I would buy it and so would
an hundred million other people, every month or day depending on what color it was
may it be a sparkling yellow, or a green orange or anything we agree on but once its on the shelf
no matter what it is people will buy it just because of the name
I am hoping we can start doing world wide competitions to ask what color chinese should be
and offer $50,000 ( whether someone gets $50,000 depends on certain factors)
still we offer it , we get replies
when we have a poll we make a color called Chinese we put it on the store
and we make a billion a month selling a color that we patented the name for world wide

heres a little demo


I don't care about money, I only care about ambitious artists to have artistic freedom

just like white black and brown people have when we buy colors from the stores that represent our people
I only want to be fair to everyone and give someone the chance to make
a billion dollars a month

Love to everyone , regardless of race and may at least one of us walk away from this site a multi millionaire forever

I don't want the money , I just want to be allowed to vote, that is all I ask and the rest is for any ambitious person on this site
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