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Stäcy Smith

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Stäcy Smith

Postby Stäcy » Sun Jun 18, 2006 12:55 am

I am so excited to have received your information from a fellow artist. I am a Houston area Artist and Gallery Director for Eastman Gallery and "Mommy" to a vi
ant three year old. Growing up as a Museum baby, I have loved art all my life and I am passionate about all of it's aspects. As if being a Gallery Director, Artist, and Mom wasn't enough, I also teach art history and studio art at a local private school in my home town as well as at my home studio. I feel privileged to create, inspire and see art through my student's eyes as well as the artists that our gallery represents. I am all for helping those just starting in their careers so that hopefully they will be as blessed as I am in mine. I think this web forum is a great addition to the artistic community and look forward to being involved with it.
Stäcy Smith
Gallery Director/Artist/Instructor/Mom/Wearer of many hats...
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Postby Singular » Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:24 am

Welcome aboard Stacy. I am so glad to have someone as passionate as you join our community.

best regards,
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Postby the_pm » Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:02 pm

Hello Stacy,

Just to let you know, I removed one of the Web site addresses from your profile. When you place more than one there, they all fail to function. I left your personal site in place :)

Your artwork is quite beautiful. I'm curious about the piece on the front page of you site, Thing of Beauty, Joy Forever. The contact page doesn't seem to be functional. If you can share more information on this piece, I would like to
ing it to my wife's attention to see if we agree there's a place for it in our home.
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Postby Stäcy » Mon Jun 19, 2006 6:48 pm

Hi _pm
I appreciate you letting me know that. I know I need to seriously update the web site, maybe I'll work on that today. I am in the process of looking for a good designer, because frankly, with everything I'm mixed up with I barely have time to wash my hair, much less do appropriate updates. The art you refer to is a nude in candlelight. The idea of the concept comes from a line in a Disney's Mary Poppins movie, where Mary is pulling out a plant from the carpet bag, she looks at it and says "a thing of beauty is a joy forever." This phrase resonated with me, being a mostly feminine issue artist, I decided to paint what I think is the most beautiful part of the female, the act of doing something while not knowing there is an audience. Naturally, this could be any posture, but I picked this one for two reasons. I love nudes and this was the first one I have attempted. I thought that it was time I took up the challenge of the old masters and completed a nude. The second reason is that I wanted to explore different colors in flesh tones, and to do that with as much flesh as possible in a small space. If you look at my previous work you'll find that compared to this piece most of the works have strong contrast in a more fluorescent lighting. The use of candle-light was key to experimenting with Rem
andt like tones. Being a big fan of chairo-scura I found this satisfied my aesthetic and emotional agendas. It had to be something that everyone recognized as beautiful, and could be impersonal as well as deeply touching. The painting arouses people, some people want to know more about my model, some want to know more about what she looks like. But mostly, I find people have a hard time taking their eyes off of her. She is a thing, an ideal of what we consider beautiful, and she is a joy to look at, to approach, and to ponder.

If you will send me a pm with your email address I will send you the pricing information

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