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[REQUEST] Managing Your Career

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The management and decision-making processes allow nurses to engage their experiences and acquired skills to develop their careers. Such individuals understand that learning is a continuous process. As part of professional development, nurses should involve in gaining more knowledge and improving their skills. This practice contributes to making better decisions that pertain to both patients and other co-workers. Such leadership approaches are only acquired through effective managerial skills.
Nursing leadership seems to face many challenges in handling junior employees, and therefore, it is important to realize the role of management and effective decision making on nursing professional development. Management process constitutes of aspects such as proper planning, staffing, coordination, and organization. Therefore, nursing professionals require effective management skills to plan their tasks properly, organize events, and coordinate their team. All at once, such aspects greatly contribute to the leadership skills as well as professional development of a nursing professional. Furthermore, it improves the interaction between the senior nurses and junior nurses, which sometimes can be challenging. The ability to express ideas among nurses in a health unit has been ignored by many workers. Therefore, nurse managers need to be empowered to excel in their work environment. For example, they can organize regular meetings to discuss the ongoing events or suggest some useful practices.
Undoubtedly, a manager needs certain flexibility when making decisions as well as developing professionally. Having such a mentality will allow any nurse to make the best of unexpected outcomes. Due to managerial skills, one can continuously challenge his/her ability to facilitate a changing practice in the field of nursing.
The management and decision-making process does not involve a team. However, this experience makes professionals understand that they need others to realize their full potential. One requires mentors, teachers, and other experienced people playing a role of guides in this process. It is also important to recognize that career development is not a destination but a process. Consequently, a nurse needs to seek growth for him/her to attain the aim.
In conclusion, nurses need to apply the managerial skills to foster professional growth in their field of work. The skills are also associated with effective decision-making, which plays a significant role in the nursing career. Additionally, nursing professionals need to seek pertinent advice from other professionals with extensive managerial and leadership skills and experience.
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