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[REQUEST] Leadership - Milestone one

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Leadership entails a quality that one learns in an organization context. Some of the leadership weaknesses are usually hard to identify unless a leader analyzes the personal qualities. The following essay will identify my areas of weaknesses and their possible solutions using a selected approach. An analysis will show that ‘Model the Way’ and ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ approach can assist in rectifying my leadership weakness areas.
The first issue that needs improvement is modelling the way of credibility. As a matter of fact, I have never realized my values, including my voice, to the extent of having an extensive awareness. The primary reason is that I have always worked towards meeting my deadlines in many instances of my career, meaning that I take a little time in improving this current issue. The second area is about challenging the process. Sometimes I have the anxiety of negative implications while performing my duties in the organization. The reason is that I have worked in the company for a long time, meaning that challenging various activities would lead to a backlash from colleagues and even the seniors. The third area that needs improvement is enabling others to act. I have the role of overseeing timelines and milestones. For this reason, I do not always manage to get people to perform and complete their activities in time.
Model the Way’ approach can enhance improvement in the mentioned problematic areas. The practice enables a person gain a sustainable credibility. The first part of the model is clarifying one’s principles. It means that people need to portray their values to all their colleagues at the firm. This part can help improve the first area of modeling the way because I will identify my values and express them to the organization (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). For this reason, I would gain long-term credibility, meaning that people can trust my decisions and directions. The part also requires that a person has principles to express to the organization. The practice would improve my second area of challenging the process because having the principles would provide boundaries which other people in the company cannot manipulate. For this reason, other colleagues would know the limits to perform specific activities. The second part of the ‘model the way’ practices is setting an example, meaning that a person needs to be consistent.
I would improve the third area of enabling others to act by leading the way on how various activities need to be performed. By having the above mentioned qualities, I would instill confidence in my colleagues and fellow employees while guiding their work.
‘Inspire a shared vision’ approach can also assist me improve my weak points. The first section of the practice says that a leader needs to have a vision by thinking about a bright future for a firm. A person should have confidence of fostering a change in the company. This part can help me improve the first two areas. For instance, having a clear vision of the firm’s future would prompt me to be attentive and aware of the surroundings with the aim of improving them. In the other area of challenging the process, I would have a basis for taking to any practice. I would be enough optimistic to perform any had activities because I would have a clear vision of the firm. The part would also help me improve the third area of enabling others to act. Due to the vision I have for the organization, I would motivate others to work for the future of the company.
The second part of the process is taking risks. It would improve my third area of challenging others’ decisions without being anxious about adverse implications. For this reason, I would run the organization to its brighter future.
In conclusion, ‘Model the Way’ and ‘Inspire a Shared Vision’ approach can assist in rectifying my leadership weakness areas. The three weaknesses include modeling the way, challenging the process, and enabling others to act. The approaches have concepts that can assist identify the weaknesses of the above mentioned areas and improve them. The approach can also aid in fostering an organization to greater heights due to the cooperation with the employees. The result would be a good overall performance of a firm.
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