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The health problem is one of the most urgent problems in most industrialized countries. Indeed, modern Western world and, especially, the United States are facing a massive health crisis. The percentage of severely obese adults, teenagers and kids is increasing. This can result in that the modern generation could be the first generation of Americans that live less than their parents do. Even though the United States spend more money for healthcare than any other industrialized country in the world, the Americans are still becoming sicker from year to year. It is necessary to make the Americans understand all the seriousness of healthcare problem in order to prevent the decline of the nation.
Severe obesity is an extremely difficult disease to treat. Unfortunately, the most part of the classic approaches used successfully in people with milder forms of obesity work badly in those with severe obesity. Dan Beuttner in “Longevity and Happiness Expert” argues that people are more likely to choose the easiest way of unhealthy lifestyle when given an opportunity to choose for themselves. Therefore, the ineffectiveness of national healthcare program and incapability to live a long healthy life can be explained by free will of the Americans that work against themselves. However, one’s vision of life and lifestyle forms under the influence of social environment first of all.
Buettner in “How to Live to Be 100+” breaks longevity myths and argues that it is necessary to learn from experiences of Blue Zones. He argues that human body capacity is about ninety years for men and a little bit more for women while life expectancy in the United States is only seventy-eight. Buettner presents the story of people from a Blue Zone of Sardinia characterized by longevity. According to Forks over Knives, people should reject processed and animal-based foods in order to live longer and reverse or control degenerative diseases. Of course, isolation, physical work and plant-based food have contributed to their longevity, however, the most important reason is their social organization and, especially, the way how they treat older people. The Americans should learn from Blue Zones’ experiences.
Thus, the Americans should necessarily understand the seriousness of healthcare problem in order to prevent the decline of the nation. It is necessary to learn more from Blue Zones and change the way of thinking to develop healthier lifestyle.
Tom Bailey is an expert writer at pre written essays. The main area he works with is an academic field.

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