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Nigel Goodwin: Painting the Magnificent World

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Written by: rhknigh
Written on: Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:55 pm
Article Description: Nigel Goodwin (nigelartist here on ASC) specializes in oil and watercolor but has recently started using acrylic as well. His watercolor paintings are usually of birds and flowers; whilst in oil he tends to paint landscape, seascape, abstract and portrait. Nigel has been painting for over ten years and has chosen to share some of his artistic story with us here.
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Nigel Goodwin in West Midlands, England is an artist, poet and songwriter who specializes in oil and watercolor painting and has recently started using acrylic as well. His watercolor paintings are usually of birds and flowers; whilst in oil he tends to paint landscapes, seascapes, abstracts and portraits.

I first came into contact with Nigel on A Singular Creation where he has been a moderator since end of January 2013. He has said,
To be honest I actually enjoy moderating for ASC more now than actual painting! I really enjoy admiring and critiquing the fabulous artworks of others. There are a lot of great artists on ASC.

Nigel has been painting for over ten years and has chosen to share some of his artistic story with us here.

Tell me about your first experience painting:

My first painting was a watercolour for my brother David. It is of a par three golf hole in Algarve, Portugal. I painted it in February 2003 and he still has it framed on his bedroom wall! It was a daunting experience and it is probably one of my most detailed artworks.

What initially sparked your interest in creating art?

About ten years ago me and some church friends were sitting around chatting at the Church Open Door coffee morning when the subject came up about art. I became really interested in the subject and decided to buy myself some basic watercolours and paper from a budget art shop. I only spent a little because I did not know whether I would like it or even be very good at it. Lo' and behold, my watercolour painting, the golf par three for my brother, was my first artwork creation! After that I was hooked so to speak and began sketching and painting more watercolours. So, basically, it was a church conversation that started off my creativity! Thanks be to God!

What makes oil painting your preferred medium?

I especially love painting in oil. Oil is a very forgiving medium. I can make a mistake and quickly rectify it by moving the wet paint about or painting on top of existing colour. Also, I would call myself a traditionalist as I really enjoy the 'feeling' of using oil... it makes me feel special!

What things inspire you to create art?

God, nature, landscape and my imagination. Anything, really, that I think will look good on canvas or paper. I would call my artworks 'abstract impressionism'. God is my main inspiration. I try to represent his magnificent world through my eyes.

Tell me about influences, if any:

My main art influences are Dali, Monet and Van Gogh. Dali is my favourite as I like the concept of Surrealism and the works of the mind and subconscious. I enjoy the impressionism of Monet as I believe if you want a really detailed artwork then take a photograph! I also enjoy the brushwork and colour of Van Gogh.

About your poetry and songwriting - do your various forms of artistic expression flow together, or separately?

I have written about 170 songs and well over 200 poems on all kinds of subjects. I have written poems that relate to artworks as I see poetry/songwriting can be linked either directly or in an abstract way to artworks. I have a completed work entitled ‘The Merging’ which is a collection of poetry combined with a related painting. In 2007 I produced a document entitled ‘Meditations on the Ten Commandments’ with poems based on the 10 commandments and included abstract oil paintings of the symbolism of the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

What is the most surprising reaction to your art that you have experienced?

I have an oil painting hanging in my flat entitled ‘The Black Rock’ which is a seascape in my gallery on A Singular Creation. My mother, who is honestly not a great art appreciator said, “Goodness me, it’s sent me cold!” That is memorable for me as my mother in her way paid me a compliment.

Do you have any advice for new artists?

Yes!! Be original and true to yourself. Don't let anyone put you off or put you down. Also, don't try to copy other artists... be original! Don't worry about doing something 'different'. Remember that if the great artists did not work in their particular style they would not have become famous! One final piece of advice... NEVER throw an artwork away or give up on it! Happy painting!

Do you have any other words of wisdom about art you would like to share?

Anyone who creates knows an inner joy that money cannot replace. Yet, like a woman bringing new life into existence, there is undoubtedly pain!

How should people find you online?

Official Website of Nigel Goodwin

Artist Self Portrait - Nigel Goodwin

All images © Nigel Goodwin
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