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Nurturing The Artistic Growth of Children

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Written by: RELusion76
Written on: Mon May 06, 2013 10:31 pm
Article Description: Does you child enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting or creating some other type of art? As a parent, it's important to encourage this type of creative behavior. Not only is it a rewarding hobby for them to participate in, but it also lays down the foundation for better learning behavior in the future.
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Does you child enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting or creating some other type of art? As a parent, it's important to encourage this type of creative behavior. Not only is it a rewarding hobby for them to participate in, but it also lays down the foundation for better learning behavior in the future. Studies have shown that children who express their creativity through art are more likely to come up with unique ideas in other aspects of their life. But just how exactly are you supposed to help a child develop their artistic abilities?

It's important to always have a positive attitude regarding your child's artwork. You may not realize it, but most of their creations are done to gain your acceptance. When they are finished with a drawing or painting, they will likely take it over to you and ask what you think. Instead of blowing it off as just another picture, you should take a few minutes to look at it and tell your child how great of a job they did on it. Positive reinforcement goes a long ways in developing a child's artistic ability, so make sure you keep a good attitude and always pay attention to their work.

When your child brings one of their artistic creations to you, cherish and show it off somewhere in the house. Far too many parents toss their child's art in the trashcan without thinking twice. Essentially, this sends the impression that it's not valuable or worth keeping. A better message to send is that each and every piece of art created by your child is important and cherished. You can stick it on the refrigerator, frame it, tack it onto the wall, or even place it on your car's dashboard.

The truth is that most children have a limited number of tools and options for creating artwork. Even if your child has a room full of toys, they may not have the tools necessary for expressing their creativity. Adding a simple sketchpad with some colored pencils offers a quick and easy way for them to create new designs. Alternatively, you can also purchase a couple blank canvases with some paint, a pallet and some paintbrushes. The bottom line is that you need to give your child the chance to create artwork in order for them to grow and develop.

One of the biggest problems parents run into with their children painting is the fact that it oftentimes leads to a mess. After all, no one wants to spend half an hour trying to scrub paint off the furniture; therefore, they simply prohibit their children from painting altogether. The good news is that you can still allow your child to paint without making a mess. If you are worried about them making a mess, then perhaps you can setup an area in the kitchen with some old newspapers to protect the furniture and floor. Opting for washable paint is also recommended for messy children who like to spread paint.

About the author: Ralph Dormody is a blogger, indie comic artist, writer, and an e-commerce entrepreneur. He lives in western Canada, but his heart will always be on the east coast.

His website is: http://www.draftingtableworld.com
This picture was made for me by my best friend's daughter Cloe.
This picture was made for me by my best friend's other daughter Serena.
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I wholeheartedly agree these points are all very important. What happens to us as children colors our entire lives. Well-written, and great choice of subject.
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