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The Art of The Information Age: Digital Art

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Written by: rhknigh
Written on: Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:56 am
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While randomly perusing art sites, I came across LACDA -the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. This institution shows exhibits and holds regular international contests for digital artistry. Upon further research I discovered that this digital art museum is one of many (just Google "digital art museum" - you will see what I mean). “Digital art defines the contemporary” it says at the head of one of the paragraphs on this site. How well that could have once been said about photography and even colored glass was at one time a technical advancement that found application in art form. This really got the gears going in my head thinking about digital art in a different way, perhaps within a new context.

Watch Andy Warhol paint Debbie Harry on an Amiga 1985 -

Digital art may be fairly new, and therefore not embraced as “traditional” art in a sense. However, if one were to try to discount the digital art process by saying it is easy as if assembling something with step-by-step instructions that would be an incorrect viewpoint. A digital artist utilizes many different traditional skills during their creative process. The digital artist sculpts a subject, much the same as how figure is sculpted with clay. Then color and texture is added the same way a painter would for a traditional painting. Lighting and angle must be represented as if using a camera for photography, adjusting for the desired effect. Everything taken into consideration, it would seem that one cannot be just simply able to manipulate digital, but know how to do so with a combination of artistic skill sets.

Most of us are familiar with how the use of CGI has greatly enhanced visual illusions within the cinematic arts. Movie special effects are a prime example of digital manipulation of images. Also even though the digital medium is very controllable, it still requires much skill and attention to detail. Digital art has developed into any different forms, for instance: flat on 2D screen, 3D in holographic form, interactive, static, in motion, it can even be projected to create a sense of being inside the art, which is demonstrated in digital installations with the audience immersed within the artwork. I am certain there are many other ideas being put into action or even created at this moment.

The digital medium produces art from light pixels. It would seem to be as close as it gets to making something from nothing. Something beautiful, something conveying new perspective, something inspired – art.

http://www.artpromotivate.com/2012/06/a ... rtist.html
http://lacda.com/exhibits/TenArtistsToW ... Frank.html
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