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Figure from October 2014Neal McDannel11/02/14 at 23:18ehoeveler: You got the attitude really well. I kind of like t...
Figure Drawing from October 2Neal McDannel11/02/14 at 23:16ehoeveler: I really like how the shadows and light play over ...
LiamNeal McDannel05/11/14 at 16:10ehoeveler: 10.
Slide Show, TripticNeal McDannel05/03/13 at 02:33ehoeveler: Like watching old time TV.
Very Special. Thanks,...
PaulNeal McDannel04/14/13 at 22:41RayRay: Nice...very nice! I love it!
PaulNeal McDannel04/12/13 at 20:09ehoeveler: What can I say, Neal?
Excellent, as always. Than...
Work site IINeal McDannel02/17/13 at 13:08subhash vohra: Nice effect!
Day JobNeal McDannel01/27/13 at 19:24ehoeveler: I know because I have
had the same problem with
Road deconstructionNeal McDannel01/21/13 at 02:12ehoeveler: Freakin' amazing, Neal.
Thanks, Ehoeveler
StevenNeal McDannel01/21/13 at 02:10ehoeveler: Waiting, waiting for 'Steven' - file
Hilton SpringNeal McDannel01/21/13 at 02:03ehoeveler: Excellent - Thank You, Neal.
Day JobNeal McDannel01/02/13 at 00:17Neal McDannel: Fair question about the yellowish tone but it was ...
Day JobNeal McDannel01/01/13 at 18:01ehoeveler: Another winner BUT I question the use
of that yel...
Night LifeNeal McDannel01/01/13 at 17:57ehoeveler: Oh, so Good! Colors are fab
and I love the way y...
Work site IINeal McDannel10/21/12 at 20:52ehoeveler: What a Bunker! Love it.
Generations, 1st panelNeal McDannel09/25/12 at 22:57Neal McDannel: Thank you
Generations, 1st panelNeal McDannel09/25/12 at 20:40zookeeper: nice job !
Domestic Situation IINeal McDannel05/30/12 at 23:47Neal McDannel: Thank you for taking the time to share your though...
Domestic Situation IINeal McDannel05/30/12 at 22:45jenn_iam: This definitely tells a story, Neal. It is very i...
#3 in the Highway to Heaven SeriesNeal McDannel03/11/12 at 17:50CharleneMBrown: Very nice.
Voyage on the SurryNeal McDannel03/11/12 at 17:49CharleneMBrown: Great expressive quality in this.
Voyage on the Surry, IINeal McDannel03/11/12 at 17:48CharleneMBrown: Nice. Very expressive.
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