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Abstract pointillism

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Abstract pointillism

Postby CarlosEvans » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:03 am

Abstract pointillism is part of the group of new artistic trends of the 21st century, but to understand more deeply what we are dealing with we must know the basic notions of these two concepts. Therefore, we must first define both words in the artistic stream.

Pointillism is defined as a technique of painting, of the impressionist style. It consists of the creation of figures on a canvas from points, these points manage to create a visual fusion in the sight of the human eye and allow to visualize figure. The artistic movement first emerged in 1886 thanks to the French neo-Impressionist Georges Seurat, who later shared the idea of ​​pointillism with Paul Signac in the Société des Artistes Indépedants.

Likewise, abstract art is a general concept, opposed to the concept of figurative art, which refers to the most essential of art, reduced to its chromatic, formal and structural aspects. Abstractism has the condition of distancing the forms of a true figure in order to turn it into a "blurry" vision of itself, moving the painting away from faithful reproduction or imitation. It probably originated at the end of the 19th century.

According to these concepts we can define that these are two very different painting techniques, which have even emerged in different years. Following these techniques have emerged many other variants, especially the abstract, which emerged variations such as abstract expressionism, for example. However, in history nobody had decided to mix two streams so diverse and form a new one.

Georges Seurat and Gabino Amaya Cacho are two precursors of pointillism.

The original Pointillism was given in France in 1884, it was invented by the neo-Impressionist Georges Seurat, who represented images of reality through points. But, in this century another type of Pointillism called Abstract has been developed, this one uses the plastic elements for its manifestation, leaving behind the opaque tones of the old pointillism, Gabino Amaya Cacho is the creator of this tendency.

On the other hand, unlike Gabino Amaya, Georges Seurat is generally named the father of pointillism. Seurat is known for innovating with this technique within modern art, with which he gave way to the neo-impressionist movement.

The neoimpresionismo looks for the decomposition of colors to reach the greater possible splendor, creating like this a colored, brilliant and natural light. Moreover, in post-impressionism that encompasses several styles, artists rely on the use of color experienced by the Impressionists to present a more subjective view of the world through much more precise brushstrokes.

It should be noted that we should always enjoy the changes that occur in the evolution of art, for example in this case the change and the creation of a new pointillism represents a new style of art that will enrich European culture. Gabino Amaya Cacho has been the driver of innovation in Spain, in something as volatile as art, artists must rethink their proposals to please the new generations, this is the goal that was achieved by this Spanish artist.
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