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Five days to the Cove

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Five days to the Cove

Postby CarlOwen » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:30 am

Well it happened again. While taking my midmorning after breakfast nap another painting coalesced in my mind's eye. While half asleep I watched a shifting kaleidoscope of drifting forms and colorful shadows swirl around from the perimeters of blackness becoming ever tighter to the center of the void until suddenly a painting sprang into existence. It was not as vivid as was the 'Bronze Path'. Nor did it cause a painful slap in my left eye that woke me up. I felt more of a sudden heavy weight that awoke me. This time I did not hesitate like I did before. I got up, told my wife what had happened again and she told me to go paint.

I did. That was on August 23rd. Five days to complete this painting on August 27th. The need to complete the painting superseded any further work on the "San Marcos Café" drawing. This painting was done with pallet knives and only a touchup with a small portrait brush in some spaces to fill those little micro-holes left by the knife stroke and some line enhancement under the beach wave foam. I am posting a continuous stream of progress images without further words or process descriptions in order to approximate the visual impact of how the painting came together in my mind' eye. Comments and observations are always welcome.
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