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My website...

Show off your art related web site here. If you like, you could even ask for some feedback if you want to know how it looks or what could be done to make it better?

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My website...

Postby JMichaelPiperADC » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:26 am

My website is called, ArtimationsDesignComp.Com...it's at: http://www.artimationsdesigncomp.com/
Hey there,
I have a website that is the heart and soul of where I put my greatest work, whether it's a free wallpaper for my visitors to downloads for their desktop screen, or a windows 7 theme of a bunch of my works of all similar nature, a screen saver that I just had to make because of an itch I get that I can't seem to scratch, or when I found out about the DreamScene effect where you can play video as a desktop wallpaper on your pc screen and it doesn't really slow your processor down or affect your other things at all, so I started making some pretty wild videos, and that just made me develop a whole new itch...and my most recent itch has been t-shirt designs...I built a page where I can display and possibly sell some of my t-shirts to a lot of people who had even stated during the contests, that they would purchase my shirts no matter how much they cost...what started me into a t-shirt design kick was...I got into a couple contest challenges at DeviantArt and I went insane creating so much artwork in the span of a couple months that I submitted 20 t-shirt designs to two different contests, but alas, it was a joke 't-shirt artwork design' contest because it really was just another Popularity contest, which is sad because it demoralizes the real artist and the work we create, and is corrupting the youthful artwork into believing their work doesn't need to be gifted and talented...I mean not one of my pieces got into the top 100, but some kid did a chicken scratch on a napkin, but because he's 'so cute' and does the 'Anime' styled work, he has more little teenager friends that voted for his work than God has of ants he put on this planet...not because it was good, but it was because they knew him, and so his little drawing of a pancake talking to a pencil was considered artwork....I can't even finish what I was going to say because it puts me in such an indifferent state...no needless to say, I won't be entering any 'kiddie contests' anymore at DeviantArt. But the reason I want some feedback on my site is, I have had people from more than 160 countries come to my site and I have never had a bad compliment or review on anything art wise I've ever done, until these contests made some teenagers say some negative things about my work and about my website. So let me know once and for all, and don't hold back, I want raw honest and brutal truth about my gift and is it time I stopped or not. Thanks for your time.


This is my front page at ArtimationsDesignComp.Com
J. Michael Piper
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Re: My website...

Postby ivo55 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:17 pm

Well it looks too busy for me.
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