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should I quit art?

Show off your art related web site here. If you like, you could even ask for some feedback if you want to know how it looks or what could be done to make it better?

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Postby cameraman_2 » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:29 am

I was thinking of the recording industrie about computers. When people where able to purchase good recording equipment and make there own home studios it shut a lot of smaller studios down. The would say why spend $1500 for a studio to spend 3 days with us to make a cd when we can spend $500 and get our own stuff and make it ourself.
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Postby clvngodess » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:47 am

The would say why spend $1500 for a studio to spend 3 days with us to make a cd when we can spend $500 and get our own stuff and make it ourself.

The same thing happened in the 1980s with the publishing industry. It happened with commercial art, too. It's happening with film. It's happening all over. So you have to learn to think a little differently. You've got to be able to see the opportunity in every situation, regardless of the fees others are charging.

And you've got to be able to sell value. People don't buy because of price. Marketing research tells us this. They buy because of emotional factors. If you get this, you don't have to be concerned about those guys who do it cheaper.

So why would someone spend $1500 versus the $500 dollars to get their own stuff? Think that one through and you've got an advertising campaign.
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Postby jimdlemons » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:38 pm

I have been using computers since the early days of the mac, I used the first version of Photoshop call image studio when it first came out. I had some shows of computer art before there was a good way to output color stuff, by getting slides made and then making cibachromes from the slides (a costly way but worth it.) So I wouldn't say that computers are much of a hinderance to my stuff. (Example attached)
When the depression hit and I lost my ability to work consistantly, it made an impact on my ability to output stuff (too costly) So that has had an impact. But really I think clvngodess is right that has changed to face of things, sometime for the worse and sometimes for the better. You can tell when someone did the graphic design or art themselves, when they aren't too suited to doing it, the quality shows. But the ease of access to technology has given some quite creative people the ability to express where they would of had to have thousands to do it before.
So whether the new computer technology is good or bad isn't the machine it's what is done with it. (and boy can you tell when it's bad)
As far as cameraman_2's stuff I checked it out and it's fair stuff, I think you should try to do something that others don't do or do the nature stuff with a different feel. Your stuff is good but these days you have to have some gimmick or difference to really stand out. It is always best to challenge your self.
And hey thanks godess for the very talented comment, I tend to be pretty self critical but things like that give me a much needed boost.
Thanks again all and keep on persevering cameraman_2, that has been the best advice I have been given on this forum (well not the only good advice but it has helped)
Have a good day!
Spirit woman image done in photoshop
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