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An entire collection : 300+ works (good idea?)

Show off your art related web site here. If you like, you could even ask for some feedback if you want to know how it looks or what could be done to make it better?

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An entire collection : 300+ works (good idea?)

Postby hagcin » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:05 pm

this is my first attempt at cataloging an entire collection of works. I tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate 380+ artworks. This is my first revision of site site, its user editable, and database driven...


I wonder: It seems like there is pros and cons to putting ones entire collection online. I thought it was kind of cool to see an artist develope over decades...anyway If any one has a take on this id like to hear it.

all coments and ideas welcome. Thanks.
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Postby Singular » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:00 pm

Hey hagcin,
Your website is very good. You did a great job categorizing your large collection of works.

all the best,
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Postby skenyon » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:05 pm

i kind of like the idea,
i think it is nice to see how the artist has developed, and the different styles they choose over the years, you don't often get that opportunity.

I found your website extremely easy to navigate, and very user friendly. and i definitely like the search options. Great stuff too, by the way :P i dig the wood cuts
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Thanks for the input

Postby hagcin » Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:02 pm

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it, its good to know that the site makes sense to people! (You never know when you try something different)
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