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Recommendations for Butcher paper!!

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Recommendations for Butcher paper!!

Postby Triniboy1222 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:23 pm

Saludos forum world. i'm really new to this whole forum thing. I hope i'm in the right place and that you guys can help me with my question. So i have a predicament that i'm trying to solve here. I am in architecture school and i have a massive project to work on. The thing is i'm a cheap bastard and i don't want to pay for Butcher paper at my local art store. I need a lot of paper! I would say about a roll and is 2000 feet long my at 2 feet! Does anyone know a place or even a website that can provide me with this crazy amount of paper that i can buy. I'm willing to pay for shipping if its reasonable. Help me out people!! thanks
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I know of a great company!

Postby Reecius » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:09 pm

I know of a great company for butcher paper:http://butcherpaperking.com/

It is my buddy's company, he does a good job, although his site is ugly as sin.

I used the paper back in college to cover the walls of our dorm for parties and then we would paint on them to make the place look cool and festive.

We would paint them with things like fish and stuff for underwater themed parties and what not. It was cool and a cheap way to make th eplace look cool.

He sells it buy the big roll and it is cheap so you should be able to get more than enough.

Another cool idea for butcher paper is to use it as table clothes for stuff and then let people write on their table to make the setting more enjoyable, adds a lot of fun to it.

I hope that is helpful information for you. Good luck with your project, sounds like you will be having fun with it.
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