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The Art of Art Critique

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The Art of Art Critique

Postby Mannzie » Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:46 pm

One does not need a Masters Degree in Art to give a good art critique. Since everybody has their own tastes, and everybody has an opinion that will differ. Asking for a critique will get you many different points of views. Before asking for a critique, you must be open to the responses and open to learn from it. People give their precious time and energy into responding, so it's only fair you take positive and negative comments together and be grateful somebody bothered. I have written below a guide on what you can expect in an Art Critique.

Firstly you should get a technical description, which includes acknowledgement of your name, title of the work, subject of the artwork, objects in the artwork, and the first impression that jump out the most to the observer, things like the colour choices you've used, shapes, lines, texture etc.

Next the critique will take the technical description and elaborate on it, with a more in depth examination of your work. How the above elements were used to create the over all impression of your artwork, how the elements intermingle and blend to form the mood, atmosphere and aesthetic.

Your artwork is then interpreted by the individual observer and here is where they will form their individual opinion. The one critiquing will try to connect your artist statement and what message you are trying to give to the world and link it to what message they are receiving from you, to match up. For example, you've done a abstract painting and called it African Safari, but the one critiquing see's Zoo animals in London. Your message and their message is not the same.

The critique will include what the artwork means to the person critiquing, so you can then understand what messages other people are receiving. The critique will include what the person critiquing is feeling and why. What emotions are arising from this work of art.

After this comes a summary, the evaluation, in which conclusions are reached and a judgement is made. You should get an explanation on why that conclusion was made. It may or may not include how your artwork is relevant to the community and to society and where your artwork fits in with our world views. Your conclusion will let you know the strengths and weaknesses.

Feel free to comment on this, and give your opinion.

No matter how much we know, there is always more to learn.
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Re: The Art of Art Critique

Postby ehoeveler » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:22 pm

Maria, I'm actually gonna c/p these excellent suggestions. I just kind of go in and free-associate
and hope that the members understand. I would like to step up my communication skills - this will help a Lot!
Thank You, E
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Re: The Art of Art Critique

Postby rocksana » Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Great conversation, I think one things to remember is to detach emotions from a critique because we can feel hurt from receiving a critique on a beloved painting. Take into consideration the different thoughts and point of views as interest in your work to improve and make it stronger.

Critiques obviously involve judging someone's artwork and it comes from different experiences and I always think it is interesting to see what others think because there might be other messages you are not aware of sending in your own artwork.
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