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If you just want to show your work without getting critiqued, come on in. We would love to see and perhaps get into a nice discussion about it.

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Postby johnwalkeasy » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:19 pm

asp, Steel Nails, Bronze, 2015
Perfection is what drives an artist.
The inability to achieve perfection is what creates a work of art.
John A. Barandon
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Re: Wasp

Postby Singular » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:56 pm

John, that is awesome.
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Re: Wasp

Postby rrsum » Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:23 pm

Sweet! Nice work, John! Love it!
Rich Summers
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Re: Wasp

Postby Erika Takacs » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:42 am

Hi John! Your nail sculptures are so unique. Have you been doing anything figurative lately? I read your blog, and love your perspective on art making. I have been super busy since last September, and have been creating lots of new sculpture. Will have a collaborative show in July with a painter friend. I think I have grown so much since this project came along! Anyways, just wanted to say hi, and hope you are well and creating, sculpting and painting! I will always appreciate your support, and a few others, that came at times when I was close to giving up...don't know if I ever said a heartfelt thank you, so I am now!! miss the old discussion days, but for better or worse, life goes on...
Erika Takacs
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Re: Wasp

Postby jenn_iam » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:11 pm

that is beautiful John.... :)
May your world be painted in the Brightest of colors!

Jennifer Erin
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