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About liturature, music, and other forms of art....

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About liturature, music, and other forms of art....

Postby Symphoneus » Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:27 pm

...I tend to post a lot all at once <(o.O<)
(>O.o)> Anyways...

I'm just curious about what other expressive mediums people might be interested in...
Art is very a "Big" word after all.

Ball rolling information:

I like a wide variety of music, with particular interest in Rap, Dub-Step, and Orchestral.
"Teebs" is one particular artist I like... He also has nothing to do with the fore-mentioned genres...
"Tech N9ne" He's a rapper (group?) and is also pretty graphic (just warning)

I hate it! I only read that stuff to gain a greater understanding of the media I AM into.
"Alice in wonderland" is actually pretty good...
If "A wrinkle in time" is not classical literature, it should be!
(uhm.. I guess I like kid books...)

This is what I really enjoy reading, I'm particularly into "Japanese Manga"
"Naruto" Is a manga about 'Ninja-kids' ( I'm sure someone didn't know)...
"Feng Shen Ji" is actually Chinese, not Japanese. It's about the legacy of an emperor who tried to personally defy the gods.

I hate this too! I do like some "Japanese Anime", but not actually that much either...
"Pokemon" Uhm... it's about battling 'pocket monsters'.
"Desert Punk" ...It's about a punk who lives in the desert...

This one's a mixed bag. I tend to like the older movies, and 'modern' action as well.
"The Matrix" We live in it!
"Harvey" It's got a giant invisible rabbit (of love)!!

--- --- --- --- ---

Also, what other mediums of art do you enjoy creating:
I like to write poetry.

The fate of men, might weigh on me,
But I take that sin quite well,
Only cold wins, in the dark it seems,
But I hear there's warmth in hell...
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Re: About liturature, music, and other forms of art....

Postby eddieblz » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:46 am

I play guitar, been known to write, cartoon occasionally.
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