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Street Art in San Francisco

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Street Art in San Francisco

Postby quixoticism » Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:20 pm

I've been following street art in San Francisco for quite a while and went on this tour the other day. http://www.vayable.com/experiences/187- ... street-art

It was a really insightful tour, and the guide knows a lot about the underground (illegal) street art scene and dynamics between the various artists that operate in SF. Apparently it's a pretty intense and sometimes people even get run out of town for throwing up over another person's art. Yet other artists are respected, and everyone just knows not to cover up their work (even the gang related street art).

So I was wondering... to all the street artists / followers what are the dynamics between street artists in your towns?
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Re: Street Art in San Francisco

Postby mfrkm455 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:02 am

i am not following any street art in San Francisco, but New York's street art scene is legendary, the LA street art culture is the stuff of legends, and London has a rightful ruling seat for producing some of the most famous (and not so famous but insanely talented) taggers, paste-up artists and more. But nothing compares to the rich history of San Francisco street art; there's something so unique about the San Francisco scene that it's defied description for decades. It spans generations, it breaks the rules and morphs other street art standards to fit The City's talent pool, politics and landscape. In 2006, the documentary Piece by Piece was released and is a must-see for the insider's view of SF's furthest underground art culture; here's a short clip from the film that illustrates the finer points of the SF street art scene.
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Re: Street Art in San Francisco

Postby abakada » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:21 pm

That's cool on making streets fun, colorful and imaginative for people who pass at the said street.
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Re: Street Art in San Francisco

Postby satanfriendly » Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:12 pm

It is not just the scene in SF, but the whole of 'street art' which fascinates me. I am not in to mindless graffiti, but the concept of bringing art to the masses by adding quirk to many a grim district/street appeals deeply to me. A sense of humour, a dash of colour and real talent displaying their work for all to see and appreciate, unlike so much hidden behind closed doors. The world sometimes needs brightening up and a return of smiles to faces.

I recently watched the DVD 'Exit through the gift shop' and found not only a nice 'starter for ten' insight in to the street art of SF, but an insight in to the obsessive nature of MBW (aka Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta). Of course whether his introduction is real or not remains up in the air and to the viewer to draw their own conclusions. Real or not it raised my awareness towards 'street art' as an accepted medium even more. What could be a better blank canvas? It certainly drew my attention to street art in SF and the beauty which can be realised. It is certainly some of the more imaginative art to be found today.

Yup, guess I am a big supporter of street art and look forward to one day visiting SF to view for myself what the city has to offer in the street scene side of the story. Until then I'll continue to admire the work available in the more accessible cities closer to my own home and places I visit.
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