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What To Do

Postby Bilbow » Wed Jun 28, 2006 2:39 pm

True creativity says that once you are familiar with adequate use of your tools that it is but your imagination which limits you. If you can do anything you can imagine....what do you do? It's funny how we really limit ourselves. Can we only create what we are "programed" with....like a program?

I challenge everyone to step outside the box and imagine that which is just awesome to behold.

I hope you are blessed by my work. Bill Stephens
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Postby dallen88 » Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:39 pm

I find myself only limited by two things lately: time and motivation. Time is an obvious factor for most everyone but motivation is definitly something I put upon myself. It seems like I only push myself to create images if I have some sort of short term goal like a solo exhibition date to meet. Since I work full-time creating graphics and interactive media for someone else, I usually have a hard time sitting down in front of a computer or canvas and doing more work after work. I have been considering for some time now just chucking the daytime job and using my artistic skills only for my own creative endeavors. Even though this may satisfy me creatively, it may not always put
ead on the table for my family and I. So in some ways I do agree that we limit ourselves, but this I primarily due to the realities of life.
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Postby Parabola » Wed Jul 05, 2006 7:22 am

I try and throw time out the window when I create. But motivation is the big thing for me, and also trying to create original and interesting work is very challenging. I don't feel limited by my tools because if I want to do something I always know there is a way and I just need to keep working at it till we meet.
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