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Cracking the gallery game?

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Cracking the gallery game?

Postby satanfriendly » Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:24 pm

Not quite a 'guess the gallery?' audience participation game', but how to get work in to galleries?

I've approached a few local galleries, but one of the big issues appears to be 'wall space availability' and the sheer lack of. Guess that is what you get in to a city with an art based university. Other than nailing a few paintings to the local church notice board I am finding this one a a hard side of art to get in to. I've exhibited in a few restaurants, but people have a tendency to want to touch (why is it folk are not content with just looking?) and they have been returned in a less than satisfactory condition and requiring a damn good clean. Add to that one restaurant was very reluctant to give my work back, believing they owned them. Overall not a very enjoyable experience.

I have a few libraries who can supply space for a week or so and I know of one small theatre in a country village where I can exhibit for a fee. Admittedly only a small fee and I may look in to a little further. All I am trying to do is to hang for the public to view and hopefully gauge some feedback so I can plan 'where next?'

Otherwise any hints and experiences from this pleasant community and well experienced artistic folk?
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Re: Cracking the gallery game?

Postby Mannzie » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:45 pm

Hi there, after thinking about your question I've come up with a few ideas you could try. I live in a small town and we have a lot of artists living here. We have one little gallery in the art society club and another very small gallery in town, so space is very limited. So what do you do? You go to every weekend art and craft market going, set up a display stand, and interact with everybody who shows an interest in your art. Talk to them, hand them out a business card. Churches have fundraising events, elephant sales and your town may have events where you can buy a space for a stall. Community organization's run art contests in my town, and you'll find them in your city or town too. Enter them, enter everything you can. Another way is to approach your community news paper, the little ones. Get to know a reporter, get them to do an article on your work. After a while you will get known, and people will come to you asking for a painting. I would presume you have a website with your previous work displayed along with your current. Let people know about your website when you hand them out your business card. As for the restaurants, paint a picture and donate it to them. Yes! give it away. Not a whole series, just one. Make sure your contact details can be clearly seen on the picture. And last but not least. Open a fan page on Facebook to display the work online. Good luck!
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