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Please share your thoughts on how I can perfect my style

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Please share your thoughts on how I can perfect my style

Postby demetriahead » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:28 am

I welcome all the critiques I can get. I never went to art school like many others have but I was born into a family of artists. The only thing is that I never took my art seriously until my adult years and I am learning as I go along. Share your thoughts....it really helps.

This is a biblical interpretation of young David defeating Goliath of Gath. I used Pastel on 8.5 x 11 paper.
closeup of Goliath.jpg
David defeats Goliath of Gath
closeup of Goliath.jpg (113.35 KiB)
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Postby johnwalkeasy » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:33 pm

I like the colors and details in this work. My advice would be to get some training. Not because I think you really need it. But a lot of things can be learned from working with other artist. And you will see how others such as yourseft are moving foward. You have drawing and painting skills for sure. I think any kind of traning will be a good thing for you.
Perfection is what drives an artist.
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Postby demetriahead » Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:10 pm

Thank you for the advice. I absolutely agree with you regarding training. That's exactly what I'm looking for. My father is an artist and he would try to teach me some of the techniques that I needed to
ing out my paintings. I think I will look for some workshops to attend that will help me to grow with reference to fine art.

Again, thank you.

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Postby demac » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:14 pm

Overall its a great image ..just a couple of things to remember the next time

The elbow joints are too high and the forarms are too long - the length of the arm is right, you just have put the joint too high up lower it and its grand

The left leg (on the side of the bag) if you add a little more to the inner thigh to make it seem to connect under the toga as the right leg is bent and looks great and the inner thigh flows smoothly up but that is missing on the left leg

You have captured this perfectly otherwise. Remember to do a rough sketch on another piece of paper and just bear in mind the porportions and flow. I love the way you have captured the movement in Davids hair and the face is really good of both D and G

Have you done anymore? Would love to see them Don't worry about the self taught artist stuff most of us are the same we learn from each other and are encouraged to try new things, things we would never have thought of trying...let us see more ...........

Deanne :O)
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Good Morning

Postby Michael Ortega » Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:01 am

hey Good Job!

Get some art teaching books and read a little bit on how to do art. Every medium has it technique and specific properties. You just have to arm yourself with knowledge!

You do have talent...great image...very "graphic"...aside from the anatomy problems the only thing I see is the lack of shadows.

Hey, just keep drawing the more you do the better you become...
What I lack in talent I more than make up for with enthusiasm!
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Thanks for the critiques

Postby demetriahead » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:01 pm

Thanks to Deanne and Michael Ortega. I appreciate the critiques and will definitely invest in some material on mastering fine art.
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Postby jenn_iam » Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:33 pm

I think its a good start.
To assist, I would suggest do studies... choose elements of the figure and practice, practice, practice... Get training or research and study up on figure and form as well as general proportions and anatomy.. .Illustrated anatomy books etc, from a local li
ary are good... just practice..

Look around in your community for a art group, and either join or start your own, draped (clothed) figure drawing group.. Practice drawing life models in timed sessions. Draw from live photos etc... Your ability to capture the form in a less 2-dimentional way will emerge with repetition...

I would suggest not trying for a finished product each time, get a sketchbook. Choose subject matters, (hands, faces, feet, forshortnening, etc..) and just sketch.. get the overall form right from your mind's eye to paper.. then worry about prodicing the masterpeices.

All in all, you are doing great, just keep it up!
May your world be painted in the Brightest of colors!

Jennifer Erin
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