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I would like some feedback on my art :)

If you want real feedback on your work and don't mind people telling you their opinions, this is the spot for you.

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I would like some feedback on my art :)

Postby ughyamile » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:57 am

This is what my art style has slowly evolved into, I want feedback on my choice of style :)
My drawing
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Re: I would like some feedback on my art :)

Postby CarlOwen » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:17 am

OK. Personally I find it difficult to look at sideways. It is distracting almost to the point of not wanting to bother with it. The drawing is a very stylized cartoonish and characterized presentation. I can see the transition occurring in style between your avatar standing on the stone walk beside the canal with the gondola and this one having more actual drawn definition. The paintings of the kids with those big eyes comes to mind.

The rendering itself seems to need a little more definition, such as the rough fill in of the hair needs the same shading attention as the face. It looks unfinished and needs some darkened zones around the neck and jaw area. Some smudging on the top of the head hair line would also help to complete the form. Without a background the form is what demands the viewer's attention and it needs more contrasting shading to fill it out in order to carry the demand of the sole attention placed on it. Another way is to do varied light and dark shading of the background to make the form look more three dimensional floating in the picture space. Suggest darkest shading on the perimeter slowly lightening it as the shaded negative space approached the head. This is a very unique and individualistic style. Only you can determine to develop this style or see where serendipity will take you. Hope my comments helps with your development.
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