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Postby the_geeky_artist » Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:42 am

This was a comic book character concept. Nothing has ever come of it yet, this could be possibly the cover for issue #1, should it ever come to life. He was just an average mail room clerk by day. But one too many paper cuts, or abusive customers and Larry Lickenheimer looses it! His suave demeanor and charming looks fly out the window! He bulks out, his head cartoons and UZIs appear out of nowhere!

The original line work was done on Microsoft paint. Colors and details added by hand later. Mixed ink medium on paper. Markers, colored inks, crayons, colored pencils and some mild ink washes (ok, actually something spilled on it, but it made for a nice effect where it happened at, on the "envelope" that is filled with bullet holes.
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