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A Response to Jean-Michel Basquiat

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A Response to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Postby Gaudreau » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:33 pm

It is not often that we arrive at a place in our lives where, no matter how seemingly small, we may take action. Basquiat painted Defacement in an emotional tumult after his friend Michael Stewart was murdered at the hands of transit police in 1983. He never intended it to be viewed publicly, but what precipitated his artwork is a conversation that extends beyond the singularity of his time. What moved Basquiat to canvas is a desire to visual and vocalize a legacy of pain and victimization in this country. Similarly, when I see a work such as Basquiat's, I am moved as well to my own canvas: dance.

This is by far my biggest project to date, and the first time I have endeavoured to put a coherent narrative into a choreography. My hope is that in the same way Basquiat spurred me to act, so too might my piece move you as well. What we do, no matter how small, shapes our collective reality. You may not be an artist or a writer, but you are undoubtedly a friend, and the ability to have conversations extends to us all.

With that said, please offer me any critiques - whether it be on the choreography, composition, direction choices, or style of the video. I would love to hear any and all feedback!

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