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In need of critics

If you want real feedback on your work and don't mind people telling you their opinions, this is the spot for you.

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In need of critics

Postby lunsfordbl15 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:55 am

Literally just found this site and so far I'm a big fan. Been drawing all my life and just recently bridged the gap from traditional pencil to color and looking for some feedback on what I've done thus far in pencil. I apologize for the quality of the uploads I'm working with just picture from a phone.
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Re: In need of critics

Postby CarlOwen » Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:25 pm

It is my opinion that you are not looking for critiques. You are seeking approval. You are an artist. You have skill. Drawing One is amateurish. It lacks sufficient contrast between the light and dark. It needs much more dark in the shaded areas to define a three dimensional object. It does not need all that lettering. Preachy. Especially to a former Marine. Which brings up the overall concept of the work. It is very limited to audience appeal. The less appeal from general population audience the less chance of selling the work. I suggest you work towards what I call "Universal Appeal' to increase your odds of being viewed and accepted as an artist. Again, the second storm trooper helmet has limited appeal and may open you to a copyright infringement lawsuit. The third one is a step into what I call 'the dark side'. This one severely limits your viewer audience who would be willing to buy any of your work, and that is of course, if they could afford it.
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