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Modern artists use a hybrid technique

This is a forum where you can post your art work and ask what the world thinks. I am looking for general feedback, nothing too technical. A push in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Modern artists use a hybrid technique

Postby Derexbrown » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:15 am

1, in the bottom board gauze, do gypsum base.
2, with Tampa emulsion to reconcile the black to draw the basic relationship between light and dark.
3, with Dharma varnish and turpentine equal mix, and then tune on a little yellow ocher oil paint painted on the screen as a transparent background layer. To be thin, only to obtain a slightly oily base.
4, with Tanpera white and a small amount of black to further depict. After the painting is full, start with oil paint to reconcile the media agent (or triple oil) for layers of transparent cover dye.
5, the oil painting color multi-layer dyed, the screen color to determine the basic. And then use the Tempera white to highlight the light and detail (whitening).
6, repeated whitening and dyed until satisfied. Completed works to be placed for about a year and then glazing
Mixed techniques require strict procedures, rigorous production, it is not suitable for a more time-style painting style.
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