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The reason why there are so many problems in relations between men and women is that we are completely different. In this interview essay sample the author tries to describe the notion of gender. I even get the impression that we are from different planets. If I were born a man, my life for sure would have been far from the present state of things. If I were a boy, my childhood would be other that it used to be. Instead of usual rope skipping, dolls and Barbie houses shelves of my room would be full of ship and plane models, motorcycles, and, what is more probable, toy soldiers and cars of different size. Instead of playing house that is typical for girls, my favorite game would be playing war where I would imagine myself being a brave hero from cartoons and act the same way. The reason for this is simple – according to a new study, in case of girls it has more to do with genetics, and in case of boys – with the environment. Talking about older age, 12-14 years, I would probably be a member of a popular clique at school. My grades would be fair, and I think, I would attend some after-school activity, for instance, tennis or badminton, or at least pool, instead of lessons at the music school. At the age of 15-16 I would likely spend more time with my father doing common dad-and-son-activities like repairing car or simply playing ball in the backyard. There would be no teaching how to cook or bake, no more cleaning activities. Nevertheless, one thing will always be unchangeable. This are the questions like “Do you like someone in class?” or the hints like “Kevin/Sarah is such a good boy/girl! Why don’t you want to meet with him/her at least once?” No matter whether I am a boy or a girl, I would spend my free time in a place called “out”, coming home once or twice a day to see what is there in the fridge. Instead of TV programs like “Room Raiders” or “Jersey Shore” popular among girls, my favorite ones would be shows with oriental people trying to kick each other in the heads or people, trying to survive in wild jungles.
I do not regret that I was born a girl. Nevertheless, I agree that being a man would be a bit easier. First, because of the level of criticism as girls are critical to their appearance while boys are more critical to their interlocutors, for instance. For example, most of girls, as well as me, will cancel the date because of unexpectedly appeared pimple on the face or dirty hair. If I were a boy, I would not even pay attention to this. Boys are boys; it does not matter so much to them. Second, girls need to say approximately 21000 words per day (men three times less) to satisfy their communication need It is in spite of the fact that female speech is much more emotional and colorful, there is much uncertainty in it, and it takes more time for explanation. In addition, girls express their thoughts mostly by means of concrete nouns, passive voice and adjectives while men use mainly abstract nouns, active voice and verbs. That is why, if I were a boy, my reaction to the words of my friend about getting married would be approximately as follows: “Oh, really? That is great! My congratulations!” instead of girlish: “Oh my God, really? Are you serious? You cannot even imagine how happy I am to be the first whom you told this! You must be on the cloud nine right now, as well as me! I still can’t believe it!” or something like this. The third but not the last reason why it is easier to be a boy is that such things as clothes or food are not crucial for them. If a girl like me is going somewhere, she estimates her looks beforehand, building a line: skirt (dress, jeans), blouse, belt, stockings, jewelry, clutch, shoes and headgear. If any element is out of line, for example, dirty, does not fit well, or is not fashionable any more, the line is rebuilt from the very beginning for every element to match the others. If I were a boy, the choice of clothes would be much easier: jeans, shirt or T-shirt and shoes and the problem of color or style matching would not be the primary concern. This way or another, every sex has its positive and negative peculiarities, but I am sure that if I were a boy, my life would be completely different.

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