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5 Tips to Create a Natural Link Building Strategy

Permanent Linkby mariyafox on Thu May 11, 2017 5:42 am

The high ranking of a website is the gateway for its success. After all, if no one knows about your website, how can your business flourish? Search engines like Google are the primary source of how people search for the websites they are looking for and a high ranking, either through organic process or using paid campaigns, is the best way forward for small/medium size businesses.

Natural link building is one strategy that also works positively for any website although the process is somewhat slow than other ways to rank high on the searches. While you can hire reputable SEO services in Canada and get the results you are looking for, getting to know the how natural link building is done and the strategies one can follow that give you an advantage while hiring a company for this purpose is not a bad thing.

So in this blog post, 5 ways to create a natural link building strategy will be discussed for your easy understanding.

1. Article Directories
The article directories are a good way to start getting the natural backlinks for your site while also bringing much needed traffic to your website. You can place multiple backlinks but most websites don’t follow more than 2 backlinks. You need to figure this strategy out in detail with the firm you are hiring for the SEO services before finalizing the contract with them.

2. Blog Commenting
A simple comment on other people’s blogs is another way to earn a backlink. That’s easy because most blogs allow to comment and add a URL. Many spammers use these blogs to market their products or just spread spam messages to get clicks. So a person doing the SEO has to be very cautious while commenting and must write meaningful messages.

3. Forums

Commenting and participating on forums is also a natural link building strategy. The person doing the SEO comments by starting a thread or answer in an existing thread. The trick is to add the website address of the client to the forum profile with a signature too. And just like blog commenting, no one is allowed to spam or comment on every thread just for fun or marketing their product/service.

4. Sharing of Content

Content marketing is one way to boost the prospects of a product or service with high success rate. According to famous web marketer Neil Patel, content marketing surely helps a website, business or a product. In his own words, “It’s the main way I’ve grown each of businesses like Crazy Egg. All of my businesses have grown through one main channel…content marketing.”

The more a well-written and informative content a product is shared, the more chances it has to reach to the masses and spread the message. The share button can do magic for any product as it has the power to engage readers and influence their decision too. That’s why companies put emphasis on content marketing more than any other natural way of link building.

5. Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is the addition of URLs on sites such as Reddit which are in fact social bookmark sites. This process is also useful in getting backlinks and traffic back to the website. You need to participate actively and positively to get the results in your favor.
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