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Microsoft explains how Xbox One X games will run better on 1080p by sarahjack on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:25 am
A lot of the focus of Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console is on 4K and HDR gaming, but there are thousands of Xbox fans who still haven’t upgraded to a 4K TV. While the 4K focus is obvious, Microsoft is explaining in more detail exactly how existing games will run better on an Xbox One X without a 4K TV.

Microsoft has an Xbox One X Enhanced program, which means games with the “Enhanced” tag have been optimized for the new console. This doesn’t necessarily mean that 4K and HDR have been added, as there are separate logos for those features, but Enhanced means the game will run better on the Xbox One X on a 1080p or 4K TV.

Microsoft is allowing developers to use supersampling to ensure games still look better on a 1080p TV. Supersampling essentially scales down 4K image quality to a 1080p screen, so you get the benefits of texture improvements, faster framerates, and improved image quality. A 1080p s...

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Minecraft’s cross-platform update is now available on Xbox, PC, by sarahjack on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:19 am
Minecraft has been available on tons of different devices in the past. Now, Microsoft is finally bringing all those platforms together with the “Better Together” update, which is rolling out today for Xbox One, mobile devices, and Windows 10 PCs. The Nintendo Switch is still set to get the Better Together update, too, although that’s been delayed until later in the winter.

The update essentially takes the different versions of Minecraft that have been available on PC, Xbox, iOS, and Android, and consolidates them into one master version, with the same features, functionality, and content no matter where you play. That means that the console versions of Minecraft on Xbox One (and eventually, the Nintendo Switch) will now run the same version of Minecraft as PCs, mobile, and VR, built on what Microsoft calls the Bedrock Engine.

But the biggest advantage to creating a single version of Minecraft acros...

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Lenovo And Disney Partner Up For 'Star Wars Jedi Challenges' AR by sarahjack on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:12 am
Kylo Ren stood in front of us, and since he already had his lightsaber drawn, we assumed he wasn't there to calmly chat about the relative merits of the First Order. Indeed, the would-be Sith Lord slashed at us with his lightsaber, but our Force sense flashed before our eyes, showing two yellow lines where we could hold our own lightsaber to parry his attacks. Soon, we were trading blows, and we think Rey herself would have been impressed by our mastery of the Force.

Our own personal battle with Kylo Ren came courtesy of the $199 Star Wars Jedi Challenges, a joint effort between Disney and Lenovo to bring the Jedi experience right before your eyes via augmented reality. Strap on the Lenovo-built headset, grab your lightsaber, and you're ready to bring an adventure from a galaxy far, far away to your very own room.

In addition to Lenovo's Mirage AR headset and lightsaber controller—which bears m...

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