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Dissertation writing service by Anonymous on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:16 am
Dissertation methodology is an important tool. It is the grouping of tools and strategy. Once you have your start your dissertation methodology, you have to concern with research overview, research design and data analysis.
Research overview- In research overview you have to take care about the basic steps like about to author or references.
Research design- In research design you have to concern with data collection. Means you have to take care about the material of your dissertation because in research design we mentioned short description about the dissertation.
Data analysis- Analysis means study of the project. Yes, in the part of data analysis we have to concentrate in the context of your research. Also you have to take care about that your result is conclusive or not? In data analysis you have to work with two important aspects. The first is qualitative data or the second is quantitative. You can say primary or secondary resources.
But to properly...

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I love Cartoons by Ralola on Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:42 pm
For me cartoons have always been the symbol of pure imagination.

When I look at a cartoon I think anything is possible, they don't fallow our worlds rules, they don't care if a woman is to fat or skinny.
It's a cartoon and its the creator that decides the limits.

But people have a thing for realism and at times it almost seems like an obsession.
Granted mimicking reality is a great skill but for me I don't want to look at art that's stuck in a world I'm trying to escape.
I want to be flooded with creatures and thoughts that are blasphemous to our world.
Things that stare at our reality n' laugh at our limits.


Why do breasts have to be for milk? Why can't they be eyes or even mouths?
Why do they have to be soft? Why can't they be stiff and used as weapons?

Why do sluts have to be skinny n slim? Why can't they look horrible but know how to make a human cum a thousand times over?

It's stuff like that, that makes me look at realism with a hint of boredom.
Now don't get me...

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Three Things A Wife or Death Row Inmate Will Receive. by surealworld on Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:28 am
A coworker During our morning Break Time was overhead sharing his experience of what the sexual relationship is like between a husband and wife. He was sharing his insider information with a coworker who was looking forward to tying the knot with his long time girl friend the following weekend.
The all knowing married man compare the 24 hours leading up to having sex with His wife,to the procedures a Prison Guard has to lead a Inmate on Death Row through ,before they get executed .
So the Married Man states," There are three things that my wife and a Condemned to Death Inmates gets."

"First thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate gets is a last meal."
"I have to take my Wife out to a fancy restaurant ."

" Second thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate get a last request."
" My wife's request is to take her to the Opera ."

" Third thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate gets , they are offered to be given the last rights to...

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Heaven and Earth Art Exhibition, Ocala, FL by RichardDevine on Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:27 am
I felt much honored yesterday when my painting “Morning in the Valley: Elk in Cataloochee Valley” received 3rd place recognition at the juried art exhibition Heaven and Earth in Ocala, Florida. There were many fine artists represented there, with both 2D and 3D creations represented.
The Exhibition was the final in a series of three themed art events based on the classical elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It took place at the Interstate Commerce Center in Ocala and was the collaboration of two highly talented artists, Lauren Manera and Lisa Russo, under the partnership Bella Donna Productions. Lisa, as judge, did an excellent job of critiquing the very eclectic collection of artworks that included sculptures, photography, paintings in a variety of mediums and woodturning.
My thanks and goes out to Lisa for spending time with me providing much appreciated advice.
Lauren’s website is themaneragallery.com and Lisa’s website is lisa-russo-art.com. ...

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Growcode by tom271 on Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:23 am
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