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chased the win at Le Mans for a Rolex by alvira1000 on Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:25 am
Twenty-four hours all came down to an eight-minute bays dash, as the Action Express Daytona Ancestor Chevrolet Corvette, apprenticed by João Barbosa, took the team's additional rolex replica 24 Hours at Daytona, finishing about a additional and a bisected advanced of addition Corvette DP, the Wayne Taylor Antagonism car apprenticed to the accomplishment by Max Angelelli.

Fourth was the Spirit of Daytona Corvette, with fifth traveling to the top-finishing P2 prototype, the Muscle Milk Oreca-Nissan, which Klaus Graf collection to the end, three laps down to the winners.

A late-race attention acquired if Leh Keen ran one of the Alex Job Porsche 911 GT America into the annoy bank resulted in a birr for the flag. A laps-down Ancestor Challenge car restarted amid Barbosa and Angelelli, and while Barbosa was able to get a jump at the blooming flag, rules appropriate that Angelelli couldn't canyon the PC car until they accomplished ...

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new glow in the dark artist,looking for tips by beyondken on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:47 pm
New glow in the dark artist looking for opinions,suggestions,tips,whatever.Check out my work,here is a link to my first project on the web:

Darkest Dreams And Livest Nightmares

Dimensions: 2 ft,6 in long x 3 ft,2 in wide

This painting has 3 sides,a front side,a backside and a glow in the dark side which illuminates under flourescent light.the first side you see in the video was made entirely out of glue and construction paper only.The second side was drawn on,a also added a few rhinestones to give it a little extra shine,this is also the side with the glow in the dark feature,Check it out!


also check out the second part-


Add me on facebook to vote on which of my projects I will post next and to keep up with all my new work ...

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Role of Technology in Bringing Art and People Closer by indianartideas on Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:50 am
Art, in its simplest form, is a means of expressing through various mediums. Art, especially visual art and plastic art, has always been seen as a medium to enhance the aesthetic appeal of living spaces. There is no denial to the fact that art is as old as mankind. From the darkness of the caves to the mightiness of royal palaces, art has seen it all. No wonder, even nowadays, people choose various forms of art like paintings, sculptures, pottery and others to adorn their homes and offices.


Art has evolved with time and so has the medium that makes it accessible to people. Earlier, people had to either visit traditional art galleries or had to wait for exhibition-cum-sales; but now, technology has brought art closer to people. Thanks to online art galleries, paintings can be bought on a click of button. An online art gallery is a portal that gives sellers and buyers...

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Great Maestros, ahoy! Look here! by MillenniumMission on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:58 pm
This is an interesting site for a newborn digital artist like me :D In all my humbleness I try to fit in with you great Maestros here, and hope you find my art as interesting and promising as those who´ve seen it :) I don´t know absolutely anything about photo shop, but have tried to put in good use my tiny knowledge about light manipulation. The thing is, my great passion for all fine art has given me a kick start for this, and although I´m a bit in a shallow water compared to others, I have faith in that in time, even I, could become a Maestro! :D

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Mother Nature's Redeemer by surealworld on Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:36 am
What was the crown of thorns fore ?

Why was it hammered to Jesus' brow ?
Like forcing a nail through a piece of wood.

Was it a badge of mockery toward the Jewish leaders?
Fore pressing Pilate to crucify a man he proclaimed to fine no fault there in.

What was the crown of thorns fore ?

Was the crown of thorns Mother Nature's representative ?
For she needed to be redeemed from the cruse of sin.
Redeemed from suffering under the Agents of Darkness ,Devour,Destruction,Decay.

Just as the first man Adam through the act of disobedience ,sold Mother Nature into slavery.
To The ownership of The Archangel of deception,insurrection, and Devourer of Souls.

Mother Nature Was purchased out of slavery by God,and she will be set free from the presence and power of the Prince Of The Power Of The Air.

Fore the purchase price to set Mother nature free ,
was for the sinless Son Of Man,The Son Of God,to wear the Crown of thorn on His brow.
while out of perfect obedience to the Father , ...

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