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There Are No Shortcuts by RichardDevine on Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:32 am
There are no shortcuts to producing good artwork – or anything of real value, for that matter. It takes time, patience, practice and planning.
I had an idea for a new painting. It was to be a watercolor painting of a historical house in a nearby city. I had already taken some photos of the house from different angles months ago, so I used them as the basis for a pencil sketch. Each time I plan out a new painting I go back through my books on composition to refresh myself and try to use the principles discussed in the books to come up with a good sketch. The idea is that if I repeatedly go over these principles and apply them to best of my ability, eventually they will become second nature.
After I come up with a sketch I’m happy with I start thinking about values and how they can be used to draw attention to the main subject – the house. Again, because I’m still learning (and I guess I’ll always be learning), I go to the books once more, to the discussions on value, and refre...

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Children's book with 180,000 copies by alanpremel on Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:40 pm
Was contacted about doing a 16 page children's book which would have 60,000 copies per year and it would have been printed and distributed for 3 years and would have a total of 180,000 copies. Anyone who has been around art and publishing long enough knows that deals like that never come around. I was ecstatic and spent an entire week sketching out the first 10 pages. A week later, I was given the bad news that I was going to no longer be the artist who would be illustrated the book. Like any of us would have been I was devastated. Opportunities like that never happen and it was hard letting this opportunity slip away through my fingers.

The hardest part about losing a gig and opportunity like that was knowing how much I enjoyed sketching it for the week I was and the joy it brought. The client does a tremendous amount of community outreach and speaking to children so the books would have been seen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by children daily. And knowing that children would have...

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Black Sheep Washed Whiter Than Snow by surealworld on Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:41 am
Jesus frees
If you will believe

Cast away your wondering around in your dark past
Start traveling along His lighted path
you will see that Jesus frees
If you will believe

I started my journey as a black sheep in the fold
always rolling in the wrong direction
So I was starved for affection
I was abandoned by the fold

Instead of hanging me from a tree
They leave me in a dense dark forest
In the care of the hands of the wolves

The Father to the Fatherless closes the hungry mouths of the wolves
He safely lead me back to my fold
Though I try to roll in harmony with the fold
I could not win their affection
I recieved their rejection
Because in their I eyes I was still the black sheep of the fold

They curioused me out of the fold
They thought I would never be a successful sheep
They thought I would roll in the direct of a pig
Spending my days wallowing in the mud
becoming nothing more than a dud
My journey would end on a heap pile of crud

I once again was abandoned to the dark dense...

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Blow Santa Away by surealworld on Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:43 am
Well friend it's Christmas time, and In the mood of the festive season less all take out our shot guns and blow Santa away (metaphorically speaking) . Is it not demented, that we raise children to believe that a fat Guy once a year travels around the world in one night tearing people's roofs off their houses by landing a flying sled pulled by eight " tiny Rain Deers" on their roof. Then he breaks into peoples houses by entering the house by fire place.
Not to rob or murder the people in the house,but to leave toys for children.
Does not this go against the psycho babel that we should not talk down to children, but talk to them as if they are adults. Doesn't raising children to celebrate mythical characters make them grow up to mistrust their parent some how.
Why not do the sane and responsible thing as a parent, and teach your Children the true meaning of Christmas. That God created man in his own image,and gave him free will
. That man was mislead by Satan to think that God was...

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