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Auto Air Condition Powered by Candy Bars by surealworld on Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:09 pm
Here is something to think about! The more high tech inventions take over doing the common tasks of our daily lives , the more time we have on our hands. But this newly found freedom has produce a society that has a short attention span and is very self focused.
For example ample, many parents feel they don't have the time to figure out how to harness and channel the hyper activity of their children,in to a positive direction.
So they try to suppress the hyper activity by feeding their children drugs like Ridelin,turning their children into Zombies.
Well back in the seventies when the gas crises had American's sitting in a line that was sometimes a half a mile long,to get to the Gas station to get your turn to fuel one vehicle.
Well one sizzlin summers' day while I was in the car with my dad , we were melting away as our car inch it's way every ten minutes toward the gas station.
My dad came up with a clever way to harness my hyper activity. He had me sit behind him in the...

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Big Surprises Sometimes Come In Small Packages by surealworld on Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:50 am
A three year old boy plays a joke on his dad. He takes a chocolate bar and smears it on his face and hands and then goes up to his dad and says," Daddy , I try to be a big boy and change my own diaper. When I cut the wrong wire to defuse the bomb I found in my diaper, it blew up in my face ! "
Can you clean me up ?
Please !!!!

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Dec 8, 2013

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Terminator Chicken by surealworld on Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:59 pm
Two friends are trying to decide which grocery store they should go to , to do their weekly food shopping.
One say to the other, " I think we should shop at a whole foods store,be cause their meat come from animals that were raised with out the use of steroids ."
Other guy asks his friend,"when you eat steroid free meat,can you see or taste a difference in the quality of the meat?"
His friend relied,''No, but last night at dinner time, my steroid raised chicken meat did his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation and threaten to break my face if I try to cut him up with my fork and knife. "

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Mar 24, 2014

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Three Things A Wife or Death Row Inmate Will Receive. by surealworld on Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:28 am
A coworker During our morning Break Time was overhead sharing his experience of what the sexual relationship is like between a husband and wife. He was sharing his insider information with a coworker who was looking forward to tying the knot with his long time girl friend the following weekend.
The all knowing married man compare the 24 hours leading up to having sex with His wife,to the procedures a Prison Guard has to lead a Inmate on Death Row through ,before they get executed .
So the Married Man states," There are three things that my wife and a Condemned to Death Inmates gets."

"First thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate gets is a last meal."
"I have to take my Wife out to a fancy restaurant ."

" Second thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate get a last request."
" My wife's request is to take her to the Opera ."

" Third thing, the Condemned to Death Inmate gets , they are offered to be given the last rights to...

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Role of Technology in Bringing Art and People Closer by indianartideas on Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:50 am
Art, in its simplest form, is a means of expressing through various mediums. Art, especially visual art and plastic art, has always been seen as a medium to enhance the aesthetic appeal of living spaces. There is no denial to the fact that art is as old as mankind. From the darkness of the caves to the mightiness of royal palaces, art has seen it all. No wonder, even nowadays, people choose various forms of art like paintings, sculptures, pottery and others to adorn their homes and offices.


Art has evolved with time and so has the medium that makes it accessible to people. Earlier, people had to either visit traditional art galleries or had to wait for exhibition-cum-sales; but now, technology has brought art closer to people. Thanks to online art galleries, paintings can be bought on a click of button. An online art gallery is a portal that gives sellers and buyers...

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