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Dinner by trosgas on Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:46 am
What do you like to eat on dinner?


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Minecraft’s cross-platform update is now available on Xbox, PC, by sarahjack on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:19 am
Minecraft has been available on tons of different devices in the past. Now, Microsoft is finally bringing all those platforms together with the “Better Together” update, which is rolling out today for Xbox One, mobile devices, and Windows 10 PCs. The Nintendo Switch is still set to get the Better Together update, too, although that’s been delayed until later in the winter.

The update essentially takes the different versions of Minecraft that have been available on PC, Xbox, iOS, and Android, and consolidates them into one master version, with the same features, functionality, and content no matter where you play. That means that the console versions of Minecraft on Xbox One (and eventually, the Nintendo Switch) will now run the same version of Minecraft as PCs, mobile, and VR, built on what Microsoft calls the Bedrock Engine.

But the biggest advantage to creating a single version of Minecraft acros...

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best place to sell art online by david003 on Wed Jul 13, 2016 7:21 am
Artailer Mission
Artailer is on a mission “to provide a curated borderless marketplace for the finest contemporary artworks from all over the world.” Artailer aims to give talented artists the worldwide exposure they deserve and connect art lovers with masterpieces they would miss out on in a typical gallery setting.
We pride ourselves of our four pillars:
Promote Genuine Talents
Our primary objective is to support and promote genuine art talents around the world. Artailer provides an opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure and for established artists to reach a wider market.
Curated Marketplace
Artailer offers an online curated marketplace for emerging artists to showcase and sells their artworks independently. We work closely with our artists, empowering and fostering their careers through our online and offline marketing programs.
Community Support
We are committed to bringing you beautiful pieces of art at affordable prices. At Artailer, we believe that every art lover sho...

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Tech news - Things to Look for When You Compare Smartphones! by aida3 on Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:41 am
When you compare smartphones there are certain things to give a thought, including their functionality, size, price, user-friendliness and many more things. A smartphone is a great gadget and offers many profits to the user, whether for personal or professional use. The main thing, however, is to find the one that meets your needs and demands, and of course which is pocket-friendly.
Keeping all that in mind, here are several things to look for when you go to buy a smartphone:
1. Functionality - Everybody likes to have tools, best tech gadgets, gears, etc. that have various functions. Everyone has different choices out there, but those who are more into addicting games like to have good battery backup and fine sound quality. Most people compare for mobile phone apps like cameras, videos, music, file transferring, web browsing, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a great deal more.
2. User Friendliness - Smart tools...

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